Unbelivable Art by Steven John Harris

Art as I see it

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Gallery 2024 All Work For Sale Prices Upon Request

The Naked Screwtape

Soulless By Design

Requiem Guaranteed

How Can I Protect You In This Crazy World.

You Can't Bottle 'It'


Tell Me About Love And Understanding

Recall Love

Hes Progress


Then The Letting Go

Leaves Of Grass

Lugger Finding Her Berth Sutton Pool Plymouth.

Tush In Polka Dot

Run For Home

Easter 2021

Lockdown Point

Lockdown Love

Follow Me Down

The Cancer Serpent


My Country Is Dying

Fear And Truth

Sub Rosa

Blue Pleasures

Subject To Love

Little Bird Free Heart

Love And Kill

Global Warming With Rosey And The Blue Rat

Mummy Creamer

Plutocratic MP

The Pink Revolver Legacy

Never Let Go


Czeslawa Kwoka

Crow Doing

Wolf And The Polluted Planet

Money-Coloured Meadows And Soft White Hands

The Artist's Psychosis The Artist's Arse

Pissing Snake

The Unending Sneer

Ask A Gay Man


A Song In Oils. As I Sat Sadly By Her Side

Who Are You Stranger

Cowboy Dreams

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