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Canto Libre Victor Jara
27x27inch approx
Oil on Canvas

Inspiration Victor Jara's life
The world needs Victor Jara
No. This painting is about love and healing.
No.It's Victors song "Canto Libre"

First Verse Spanish

El verso es una paloma
que busca donde anidar
estalla y abre sus alas
para volar y volar.


Canto Libre Victor Jara

Poetry is a dove
that seeks a nesting place.
It bursts and opens its wings
to fly and fly.

My song is a free song
that wants to give itself
to whoever holds out their hand,
to whoever wants to fire.

My song is a chain
with no start or end
and in each link there is
the song of the others.

Let us keep singing together
to all humanity.
Song is a dove
that flies to discover.
It bursts and opens its wings
to fly and fly.
My song is a free song.

Also Victors quote on what love means to him.
Love of my home, my wife and my children./ Love for the earth that helps me live./ Love for education and of work./ Love of others who work for the common good./ Love of justice as the instrument that provides equilibrium for human dignity./ Love of peace in order to enjoy one's life./ Love of freedom, but not the freedom acquired at the expense of others’ freedom, but rather the freedom of all./ Love of freedom to live and exist, for the existence of my children, in my home, in my town, my city, among neighbouring people./ Love for freedom in the environment in which we are required to forge our destiny./ Love of freedom without yokes: nor ours nor foreign.

When asked, four days before the military coup of September 11, 1973, what the word ‘Love’ meant to him.

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