Unbelivable Art by Steven John Harris

Art as I see it

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My heart sank that much lower painting this little piece. To be English to be British is to be able to stand up and look the world in the eye and speak your truth without fear. Now people are afraid to speak their truths afraid to speak full stop. How the fuck have we come to this. If we cannot speak how can we confront and sort out our problems. To lie and ignore is the cowards mantle and can only end in grief, misery and disaster. We used to know this it was not taught did not need to be its in our blood its who we are, but now, now my head spins.
I cannot believe I am writing this for fuck sake this is the British Isles and yet it seems are tongues are in a prison cell with walls made of ist's, bic's and ism's and other such crap that a spongy rancid putrid brain can think up.

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