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Love And Kill
Oil on Canvas
12x10 inch

In the news the trophy hunters. The female? hunters these vile awful creatures look at me and they say 'I kill grace and beauty'. I'm an ugly bastard but I'm good at killing, sitting there astride a magnificent animal her soggy pussy dripping in anticipation of the kill riding the thrill of it's death to the end.
Look at me am I not majestic in my killing. I love to kill, my loving nature for the animals is just that 'LOVE'. So how is my killing wrong. Love and hate are one in the same. Male and female are one in the same. Life givers and life takers are one in the same. When we kill we are alive in death the animals live on in us the 'killers'.
Why cant you see the love we killers have for these rare and beautiful animals. Killers love all living things even when they're dead.
On and on they drone. Until that day when we are all alone.
Then it's pleb killing time. And the killers dream is manifest.

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