Unbelivable Art by Steven John Harris

Art as I see it

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I am empty, our beautiful son Jude born 3rd September 1994 left this world 11th January 2020. Only 25 years old.
I painted this portrait of him in 2016. He's wrapped in the elephant blanket that he loved a present from his aunty who brought it back from India for him. Jude was autistic he had learning difficulties and he had seizures. The one thing he always loved was elephants the picture behind him I painted 2007 I think, on a piece of cardboard that came protecting a canvas I had bought. It had a few marker pen lines on that the supplier had done and as Jude watched I shaped in an elephant. He loved it so I filled in the colours and had it framed it's still on his bedroom wall as I write.
There it is viewer a broken man writing about his beautiful son. A son who gave love to everybody he met. 'Who' now will say out of the blue and out of his heart 'I love you dad' only my Jude did this and I will miss him, how I miss him. There it is viewer all over the place but who really cares.

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