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Its the falling wedding ring its the fall of all who hold their vows dear its the fall of man its the fall of truth its the fall of love.

Strange thoughts. And where didst thou hear of Pasiphae?

Lmao! First thing I saw was a lady-boy with one of those gimmicky willie pouches on!! Oh dear! I’m at work!! And I can’t be found giggling! I am now wondering what this says about my sexual proclivities that I see that straight away!! You could sell this to Ann Summers as an add campaign!

Love Pasiphae. Greek myth - Pasiphae daughter of the sun, Helios. Mating with a bull because of a curse by Poseidon… can’t remember why though. Will check Ovid tonight!! Thinking about bestiality? She gave birth to the minotaur - Asterion (means star like. ASTEROID/ASTERION) That must have hurt…epidural anyone? Contemporary myth? Big oooo… very Poe-esque. And it makes you think. What is our contemporary myth? That we’re all born equal? Nice play on words though. Pasiphae. Pasiphy. PACIFY. And is that what pacifies us? Equality and Sex? Are the mad people in the world, the terrorists, Nazis etc just missing a bloody good fuck? Is Billy C right? Instead of sending military over and blowing the shit out of them, should we send over a plane full of whores who will blow the shit out of them? And the myth is that we will pretend that that’s equal… ‘cause they want to do that job don’t they? Women like that sort of treatment, that “work”, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Are we terrorised by sex even? Suggested by your replacement of genitals by the bull’s head.
If you get to read an essay by a woman called Gayle Rubin (Ruben) it’s called ‘The traffick in women’. It talks about how women have always and always will be used as a currency between men. Very interesting. Because Pasiphae was GIVEN in marriage to Minos of Crete. Even in the golden age of history women were given and consequently cursed. So. Is that our myth? And by extension we should consider how that relates to race. Are we, as society, now more preoccupied by race or gender? Black president won remember… If the majority of women in America voted for Clinton she’d be President. Do women therefore relate more to another woman or a person of their own colour? Your contemporary myth is very intriguing…especially if this is a lady –boy, as it would indicate we are more preoccupied by race…after all, your human isn’t human coloured and it doesn’t matter. What we notice is her sex. That is what is making us think even without knowing Pasiphae’s story.
And then of course by extension that indicates that women have been trafficked for so long that we do not recognise it any more. That we are almost happy being defined as a sexual commodity because that is all we know. And this in turn breeds a divide between women as they pit themselves against each other in a bid to be the most desirable, the most sought after. See her bright Orange , very short skirt? We, ironically, traffick ourselves – and then call it Lipstick Feminism. (As an interesting side point look up why women began wearing lipstick and which particular women did)
Also… Your lady Pasiphae right there looks like she’s being fisted. Oh yes. That could be a boot but instead it looks like a sleeve and an arm. If she is being fisted then I think your animal cock indicates that women are seen as little better than cattle. To be traded and man handled, sold and assessed to see what value they are. Strong metaphor. Farmer and cattle. Again goes back to age old feminist theory. See Gilbert and Gubar for this in literature but they basically state that throughout history women, in and of themselves, are worthless. “A woman is only great to the extent that she makes her man great.” And isn’t that the same for cattle? They are only valuable to the extent that they benefit the farmer? Perhaps even why minotaur was invented. Think that minotaur was named after MINOS the man. Would we even know of her if it wasn’t in relation to men? And worse we treat her more as an animal than the bull itself? But it is acceptable socially so we do not recognise it. Women in ancient history are only remembered if they are tragic or assisted a man. Tragic is remembering her for being abused by a male god, given from her father to a king, traded like a cow and now all she’s remembered for is giving birth to the minotaur. She changes the world only because she is played as a pawn by men. And no pubic hair daddy? Conscious decision? Pasiphae was probably pre-pubescent or at least a very early youth.
Mind you, perhaps she deserved it the bitch.
You know this could even go into gay theory. Fisting. Cocks. Etc. Look at how you have painted pale and effeminate hands (obviously a classic trope of dandies in Aestheticism), which are relaxed and casual. Gay cross-dresser? And then of course we have the ‘becoming the bull’ metaphor implied by the animal genitals. Extended by the fact that in Greek theatre right up through Elizabethan/Jacobean society to even the present day at KABUKI theatre etc in Japan men play the roles of women. Usurp the roles of women. And cross dress to enter the role.
Pasiphae means ‘Wide Shining’. Aren’t all women?
Have to run though Daddy... I’m whipping this up in my dinner break! Although, as Nat said, “Stace, your Dad, he’s, like, seriously, ya know…fucked.” Still tittering now!! Haha!!

Love you muchly. Only money. We talk lest we die. Opinion. The only thing that’s yours that belongs to everyone else. Wonderful world. I’ll be remembered for footnoting your work! Tehe! Know what I mean?

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