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Lugger Finding Her Berth Sutton Pool Plymouth.
Oil on Canvas
16x12 inch

Flitting I was flitting about on the computer when I came across an old black and white photo of an old 'Lugger' turning in Sutton Pool Plymouth going to her berth on 'Guys Quay well thats what it looks like to me.
In a instant my head exploded with memories as I looked at the photo. It must have been taken from a high vantage point from a building on 'Vauxhall Quay'. Many years ago about 1972/3 I worked on the old warehouses there converting them into luxury flats. As a point it was the first time I or any of the lads I worked with knew what a 'bidet' was, to the plumbers delight we now know its not a drinking fountain I cannot stop smiling at the time I was 17-18. I remember it like it was yesterday.
So many intense memories and all so fast that I just knew I would paint it.
As you look at the painting on the left you will see the old cranes that used to work the coal yards on Lockyer Quay. This is 'Coxside' where I grew up and as a kids the boys and I would get in the coal yards and go adventuring well muck about climb the cranes, jump in the coal many a whack from father for that, slide down the coal heaps on old tin sheets or whatever we could find.
Just being a nuisance as kids should, what memories so much fun.
Its now the home of the 'National Marine Aquarium' all things must pass they say but the memories are mine.

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