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The Joker
A while ago.
I painted this piece in 2014
my daughter 'November' took it not long after I finished it.
She asked why I had painted it.
Because hes here now I feel him, his presence, his intent to hurt maim inflict horrors on us.
And my daughter answered, 'your mad dad'.
Yes I'm mad on the back I put 'Joker From The Ozone'.
In 2019 he's ready.
And plays the Jokers Cards
And sets off all the evil that permeates through all the peoples of this planet.
The lies and deceit hes dressed up to look like truth.
Beyond cunning look deeper.
You must take the poison its good for you.
Take the poison.
Take the poison.
Love the poison.
Love the poison.
The poison is good.
The poison is good.
There there all good.
You're safe now.
You're safe now.
These lies and deceits are so strong and right.
Its breaking the bonds of love and trust between families, friends, colleagues,peoples,countries.
The Devil is here on this planet we call Earth.
Who else could execute such an insidious plan to take over all of us who live here.
With this.
Take the poison or a myth will kill you.
Only the Devil because people think hes a myth as well.
This makes no sense.
Shut up and love the poison.

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