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The Naked Screwtape
On every T.V. every computer, mobile, laptop, any form of visual communication you see the suave, debonair worldly-wise smart arsed bastards dressed to the nines in handmade suits flying in private jets eating luxurious foods telling us we are non-persons. All spoken in soft listen to me I know best voices. But all I see is Naked Screwtapes all vile evil entities.
I have been trying to upload a page from C.S.Lewis, 'Screwtape Proposes A Toast' (but me being a Luddite got to smile) a must read after reading 'The Screwtape Letters' how would this man view the world now today 2024 what would he write or say about our non-existent Democracy the UN, WHO, WEF, Mr.Lewis seen through the democracy scam many years ago, 'I'm as good as you', look at us now a totalitarian country that still thinks it's a democracy. All is madness all is inverted.

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